The podcast that gets philosophical about everything.

Hosted by Whitney Johnson and Dustyn Addington


No Narrow thing

There are questions and then there are questions.

Maybe you've asked them during a walk or over a drink. What does it mean to love someone? Are people good? Does God exist?

Or maybe you wondered about topics smaller in scope, but still meaningful: Is it ethical to gossip? Should I feel guilty about dark thoughts? Is it reasonable to believe in ghosts?

No Narrow Thing gets philosophical about everything, because we have questions about everything, from the downfall of democracy to whether or not Bigfoot exists.

Join us in conversation as we pursue the compelling questions, big and small.

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Dustyn Addington is a philosopher and a writer, based in Seattle in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Washington.

Whitney Johnson is a public health professional with a background in chronic disease epidemiology and knows nothing about philosophy.